Myrtle Rust


As you may be aware, the Ministry for Primary Industries is currently working to contain a Myrtle Rust infection in the Taranaki region.

Many of your Golf Clubs are likely to have some of these native species on your land and we would very much appreciate your members help in keeping an eye out for the symptoms.


Myrtle Rust is a fungus which has the potential to seriously affect plants in the myrtle family.  This includes some of New Zealand’s iconic species such as pōhutukawa, mānuka, rātā, kānuka, swamp maire and ramarama, as well as commercially-grown species such as eucalyptus, feijoa and guava. 

 MPI would be most appreciative if you would consider an email to members asking them to keep an eye out as they are playing their round and also in their own gardens.