• Alert Level 3 Golf

    Hi everyone


    We will be opening the course for members only, for play from 9am on Wednesday April 29th

    You must book a time to play during Level 3.


    The match committee are busy getting everything in order for the course to open on Wednesday 29th April under alert level 3.
    You would have seen the previous email with the 20 guidelines that we need to operate under, please read them and keep them in mind.


    Please read the instructions below carefully. It is a lot of information.


    We will be setting up the course with two holes on the green, as there will be no flag the active hole will be the one with the foam inserts. There will be no cards issued and no scores over this time will be counted towards handicapping so there will be no disadvantage to knowing what hole to use once you are on the green.

    The Inglewood Golf Club now has the booking system live, heres how to use it


    a. go to http://dl.golf.co.nz
    b. sign in, if you aren't already signed up to it, then you will need to register on the system (http://dl.golf.co.nz/MyGolf/Register.aspx)
    c. once you are signed in, click on the 'Book a tee' button and follow the instructions.

    The following is how the committee have decided to operate between Wed
    29th April until Mon 11th May to the benefit of all.

    1. Play is restricted to club members (including secondary members) only.
    The reason for this is that with the restriction of only being able to play with people within your bubble, we will have many solo players.
    This means not a lot of capacity on the course, to that end we aregiving priority to our club members and excluding green fee players.

    2. You may only play solo or with another person in you bubble. A maximum of 2 people per tee time. Please do not book a slot with  someone else not in your bubble.

    The reason for this is that since we will have so many solo players and twos playing, it doesn't make sense for flow to have teams of 3 or four in-between.

    Also this way we will keep the tee times at 6 minutes apart giving us more capacity.

    3. The initial restriction is that you may only book one round per day and only one round at a time. So if you book to play on Wednesday,
    you won't be able to book a Saturday game until you have played your Wednesday game.

    The reason for this is to give fairer access for all to the course.

    4. Available playing tee off times will be from 9am to 3pm on weekdays and 7am to 3pm on Weekends. The course will be CLOSED for tee offs outside of these times.
    The reason for this is that we are required by the Government to control access to the course. We are employing Mike and T-Bone to control the starting between these times. As we won't be able to control access to the course outside these times, the course will be closed.

    5. Afternoon bookings must be made by 12pm that day. If we have no bookings for the afternoon by 12pm, the course will be closed at 12pm.
    We don't want to have Mike and TBone waiting around for players to come out on a whim. Please make sure you book in advance.


    6. If you book a time and decide not to play, please go online and cancel your booking. This is a courtesy to Mike and T-Bone so they don't wait around unnecessarily.

    7. If the course is unplayable due to inclement weather. Affected bookings will be cancelled and the course will be closed. 

    8. There will be no carts available for hire. If you have a private cart, you are welcome to use it. If you are using another person's private cart, please ensure that the previous user has sanitised it if you are not in their bubble.

    9. Our starters Mike, T-Bone and Chris Wilson (early Sat/Sun) are working under employee guidelines. They will be working from the starters office and you must keep 2m from them at all times. There will be a line marked on the ground outside the starter's office, please stay beyond that line.

    10. The toilet facilities on the course and club house are NOT available to players. Do not ask to use them.

    11. Arrive just before your start time and report to the starter. Maintain your 2m social distancing at all times. You may use the practice putting green prior to tee off.
    if the timeslot before you is using the putting green, wait for your turn after they have tee'd off.

    12. There is no practice play or warming up on the course. If you want to practice, book a tee time and play the 18 holes as your practice.    
          The reason for this is that we cannot control people practising on the 18th. This restriction is only for the 2 weeks of alert level 3, so just stick to playing your round of golf at the moment. Remember there are no score cards being issued and scores cannot be eturned for handicapping purposes.

    13. Obey the starters at all times.

    14. Government recommendation is that over 70's don't play during this time. This is not mandatory and we support our members choosing to do what they believe is best for them.

    15. Not everyone will have access to the internet. If you have friends at the club who won't see this email, please give them a call and pass the information on to them. Tell them if they want a booking, call one of the following match committee 

    Chris Hill 027 245 1909

    John Christini 027 676 3600

    Chris Wilson 027 794 45121


    To minimise cross contamination
        - There are no flags out on the course
        - There are no rakes in the bunkers, just fix it up with your foot best you can.
        - The compressor will be turned off and hose removed. Please clean your shoes and trundler with your own gear.
           Stay away from the compressor area completely.
        - Do not use the ball washers or the drinking fountains. Bring your own water with you.

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