Par 3

Men: 190m - Stroke 1
Women: 176m - Stroke 5


Formerly named Target: its name referred to the original green which was the knoll where the current 13th tee stands. It was guarded by trees (since gone) and was obviously shorter than the current hole.

When the new tee markers are erected the name will become ‘Freddies’ which recognises a stalwart of the club for many years, Colin Frederickson.


Playing Notes

The most difficult hole on the course to par, walk away with 4 and be happy.

Played from an elevated tee this hole slopes to the right. Try to get down the left side of the fairway or your ball may run into the large tree, the grass hollow or even the hazard down the righthand side. The green is guarded by a mound on the front left and a deep bunker on the right.