Par 4

Men: 315m - Stroke 3
Women: 300m - Stroke 3


The name acknowledges the work and dedication of one of our life members who was very involved in the design and layout of the course.

A fine closing hole, also with the mountain as a backdrop. Bob Charles and Kel Nagle played an exhibition round in 1969, soon after the course opened. After holing out on the 18th green each tossed a ball to either side of the hole and a tree was planted at each spot to commemorate the moment.

The cryptomeria japonica (also known as “Egmont”) on the left of the 18th green is one of those trees.  

Playing Notes

Out of bounds down the lefthand side and a hazard down the righthand side will penalise those wayward tee shots. A long second will be played and if the pin is on the lefthand side the mound will need to be carried. The correct club choice is essential or you will be faced with a very long last putt.